Seamus Albion

Seamus Albion

I am a PhD student at the University of Vienna where my advisor is Christian Krattenthaler. As such I am a member of the combinatorics group and the Vienna School of Mathematics. Before coming to Vienna I did my undergraduate and MPhil at the University of Queensland where my advisor was Ole Warnaar.

My research interests (at this stage) lie in algebraic combinatorics, q-series, representation theory, special functions, and their interrelations.

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Academic Activities


In 2019 I was the student representative for the Australian Mathematical Society (AustMS). This involved observing council proceedings and organising the award of the prestigious Blue Hat Prize for best talk by a non-student at the annual meeting in December.


I have tutored (that is, been a teaching assistant for) the following courses at UQ:


When I'm not doing mathematics I'm usually thinking about music.

I play saxophone with Jeremy Neale, and have played saxophone for Rinse and The John Steel Singers. You can hear me on SPOD's song Golden Gaytime.

I used to play clarinet in the UQ Symphony Orchestra. You can listen to us perform Symphonie fantastique by Hector Berlioz here. For a list of works I performed with them click here.